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Topslip Tourism

Topslip Tourism


Top Slip is one of the main locations within the Indira Gandhi Wildlife Sanctuary. The name top slip comes from the practice carried out in 19th century, of sliding logs of teak timber down the hills that took place in this area. It is at the Top Slip Recreation area that you park your personal vehicle within the sanctuary. Your vehicle will remain there for your entire stay since personal vehicles are prohibited throughout the sanctuary. It is also here that reservation check-ins occur, forest rangers can be found, and forest jeeps are rented. The beautiful evergreen forests that surround this area are full of spotted deer, wild boar, barking deer, the Nilgiri langur, and the lion-tailed macaque.

To Reach Anamalai

By Air

Nearest airport is Coimbatore, which is 96 km away from Anaimalai city. Tourist taxis costs about Rs 1200/- for a drop to Anaimalai from Coimbatore. Coimbatore is locally connected many South Indian airports, especially to Chennai.

By Bus

Volvo deluxe luxury buses are available from Chennai, Bangalore and Cochin to Coimabtore. The bus fare ranges between Rs 500 to Rs 1200. State owned buses are also connecting Chennai to Coimbatore and KSRTC connects Cochin to Coimbatore.

By Train

Nearest railhead is Coimbatore. Coimbatore railway station is well connected to all major cities in India.

Best Season of ANAIMALAI

Summers (March to May) are bit hot with maximum temperature lies between 35°C to 40°C. However, this season is good for exploring the forest wildlife.

Monsoons (June to September) are accompanied with medium to heavy rainfalls owing to South west and north east monsoons.

Post Monsoons (October to November) offer Maximum Rainfalls in Anaimalai, the forests looks beautiful during rainy seasons.

Winters (December to February) have an average temperature of about 20°C, with minimum not crossing down 15°C.

Best season to visit Anaimalai is June to March, tourists may avoid heavy rainy days.

If you Nature

Then this place will give you everlasting memories

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